The Manchu dragon insignia
7th Infantry Division "Hourglass" patch (aka the "Crushed Beercan")

Manchu Light

9th Infantry Regimental Combat Team (L), 7th Infantry Division (L)
Fort Ord, CA and Fort Lewis, WA - October 85 to August 95

"Fight Light, Own the Night" (or at least rent it for extended periods of time)
Manchu Scout/Sniper
Heading back to post after a long night in Monterey
Patrolling skills were honed to a razors edge
Gratitude from the Panamanians
Assulting the objective
Navigation (without using a satellite) was a critical aspect of life as a Manchu Light Fighter

     The 9th Regiment's Motto

"Keep Up The Fire!"

     It was on 13 July 1900, during the assault on Tientsin, China, in the face of murderous fire that the wounded Regimental Commander, Colonel Emerson H. Liscum seized the National Colors himself from his fallen Color Sergeant.

     Colonel Liscum stood fearlessly, directing the attack on the city walls until he too was mortally wounded. His last words to his men were "Keep Up The Fire!"

     The assault continued with renewed vigor.  As a result of this action, the Regiment earned its foremost trophy, the Liscum Bowl.  The Colonel's last words, "Keep Up The Fire!" have become the Regimental Motto.

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